Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with '60 Minutes' correspondent Lara Logan for a feature interview ahead of his meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama this week.

The 13-minute segment glossed over Trudeau's father Pierre Trudeau’s legacy and Justin Trudeau’s own rise to power, but it did provide Americans some interesting tidbits into the prime minister's life, and some insights into their feelings about Canada's young leader.

Trudeau almost dropped out of high school

When asked if he knows what "real failure tastes like," Trudeau admitted that he struggled with his own identity at various points in his life, and he almost dropped out of high school.

In a "60 Minutes Overtime" segment posted online, Trudeau said he had "a bit of a breakdown" when he was in Grade 12.

"I was on a track that was going to be all about high achieving," he said. "I hadn't really realized that it was very much about following in my father's footsteps and I had a bit of breakdown, where I just realized this wasn't my track. This wasn't being true to me and I was lined up to try and emulate my father’s success in a way that wasn't suited to the kind of person I am."

He continued: "I went through a real period of wondering whether or not I was a worthy son or even a worthy individual."

Trudeau was unaware of his mother's struggles with mental illness until his 20s

The prime minister said, after his parents' divorce, his mother would travel for long periods of time. When she would return home, Trudeau admitted he tried to create "magical moments" for her that "didn't always resonate in reality."

It wasn't until his 20s, when he was looking back at old newspaper clippings with his mother, that she first mentioned her struggle with depression.

"It was never talked about, it was never addressed," he said "It was just hushed and pushed aside."

Trudeau makes no apologies about his path to Parliament Hill

Recalling his past jobs, including snowboard instructor, nightclub bouncer, whitewater river guide and  teacher, Trudeau said, "I make no apologies for a very varied set of life experiences."

When Logan commented that Trudeau, who has been in politics for about eight years, has gone "from zero to prime minister," he replied, "Things fell into place and there was an opportunity for fresh leadership. And, I was successful."

Trudeau’s 2012 charity boxing match impresses U.S. audience

The 60 Minutes segment dedicated more time highlighting Trudeau’s triumph in a 2012 charity boxing match than it did on the prime minister’s views on ISIS and the refugee crisis. But the U.S. audience seemed to be impressed with Trudeau’s boxing skills in his underdog win against Sen. Patrick Brazeau.

Trudeau wants Americans to pay more attention to Canada

When asked what Canadians don't like about the U.S., Trudeau said he'd like to see Americans pay more attention to what's happening in the rest of the world.

"You can't be Canadian without being aware of at least one other country, the United States, because it's so important to us," he said. "I think we sometimes like to think that, you know, Americans will pay attention to us from time to time, too."

Americans may be paying more attention now that Trudeau is prime minister

Judging by the social media response to the '60 Minutes' interview, it appears Americans are starting to pay more attention to Canada, and Trudeau seems to be a big part of the reason why.