What happens when the left-leaning, pro-immigration, selfie-loving Prime Minister of Canada meets the right-leaning, border-enforcing, Twitter-loving President of the United States?

In a word: captions.

Twitter erupted with clever captions for a handshake between PM Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday, during Trudeau's first meeting with the new American leader.

Much of the reaction came after a brief photo op in the Oval Office, where Trudeau and Trump shared a six-second handshake. It was a trivial moment, but many were waiting to compare it to Trump's first handshake with Japanese leader Shinzo Abe, which lasted 19 seconds.

But Twitter was more interested in the moment before the shake, when Trudeau was captured in a photo staring at Trump's offered hand.

The photo spawned a flurry of suggested captions.

Trump's hand also became the perfect spot for users to Photoshop things onto.