OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is making a detour in his multi-country trip to deal with the troubled Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Trudeau, who departed for Peru Thursday for the Summit of the Americas in Lima, will fly back to Ottawa on Sunday to meet with British Columbia Premier John Horgan and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

The PMO says the purpose of the meeting is to "discuss next steps for moving the Trans Mountain Expansion project forward."

Ahead of announcing this, Trudeau defended his government's decision to approve the pipeline project in a new video posted on social media, calling the project safe.

The federal government has been vocal in its backing of the Trans Mountain expansion of the pipeline between Alberta and the B.C. coast since the Texas-based company announced Sunday that it was suspending all non-essential spending on the project, citing British Columbia’s opposition.

Notley has openly clashed with Horgan over the project. In February, Notley banned B.C. wine from Alberta for two weeks. There has also been talk of introducing legislation that could boost B.C.’s gas prices, which are already at historic highs.

Notley has even suggested buying the Trans Mountain pipeline outright.

“To stand up for Alberta, there is one and only one solution -- and that solution is that the pipeline gets built without delay,” Notley said Thursday.

Horgan vowed Thursday to continue pushing back against the expansion.

“I will defend to the end the rights of British Columbia to stand up and defend our coast,” Horgan said.

The federal government, arguing that the pipeline is in the national interest, has said it is looking at regulatory, legal, and financial options to see the pipeline built, including investing in it.

Kinder Morgan has given a May 31 deadline for assurance the project can go ahead.

Trudeau's international travel will continue after the meeting with the two NDP premiers. He'll resume the scheduled visit to Paris, on Monday, April 16 to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron and others.

From there, Trudeau will end his 10-day trip in London, where he’s set to participate in the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.