OTTAWA – It's to be expected that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a direct line to many big names, but Santa Claus?

Evidently so, according to a light-hearted video posted by Transport Minister Marc Garneau.

In the clip, Trudeau texts Santa to ask "on your way?" and channels his drama teacher days, acting concerned when Santa doesn’t text him back.

After getting no response to a few follow-up texts, Trudeau calls Garneau to make sure the big man is okay.

"Hey Mark, listen, where's Santa? He usually responds to my text messages and I’m not hearing from him. Is everything under control?" the prime minister inquires.

To which, Garneau responds that he had told Santa to put down his phone while driving the sleigh, before pivoting to face the camera to remark: "As you travel to see your family and friends, keep your eyes on the road and avoid being distracted."