Born in Toronto but representing Calgary Southwest in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he’ll be happy with whichever team wins the Grey Cup -- even though he’s cheering for the Stampeders.

Harper waded into the delicate topic Monday, and in what could be a first for a prime minister, publicly declared his support for one team.

He wasn’t always a Calgary Stampeders fan, though.

Harper told reporters he remembers when the Toronto Argonauts and Calgary faced off in 1971, and he was cheering for Toronto -- the losing team.

“In fact, there’s a TSN special on it, ‘The Greatest Team that Never Won,’ the Toronto Argonauts,” Harper said.

“(Running back) Leon McQuay fumbling the ball on the 11-yard line, I think it was -- the reason I remember that so well is because I think that was the only time that I cried in front of the TV at a sports event.”

But the prime minister no longer calls Toronto home. And while he still has a “soft spot” for the Argos, they’re no longer his favourite team.

“No the shoe’s on the other foot,” he said. “I now live in Calgary.”