Support for the Ontario NDP appears to be slipping as the Progressive Conservatives continue to lead in the polls by a wide margin, a new Ipsos Reid/CTV polls shows.

The survey, conducted May 12-14, found that 39 per cent of “intended voters” support the Tim Hudak-led PCs, while 30 per cent are backing the Liberals. The NDP, who triggered an election after party leader Andrea Horwath announced they would not support the Liberals’ budget, are showing a dip in support among voters.

Intended voters

  • PC: 39 per cent (+2)
  • Liberal: 30 per cent (no change)
  • NDP: 24 per cent (-4)
  • Green/other: 7 per cent (+3)

Among those who are most likely to show up at the ballot box, the PCs are still ahead, however, the Kathleen Wynne-led Liberals appear to be picking up steam on the campaign trail:

  • PC: 43 per cent (+1)
  • Liberal: 31 per cent (+3)
  • NDP: 22 (-5)
  • Green/other: four per cent (+1)

There was no change in the number of undecided voters, which remained at 20 per cent four weeks ahead of election day. Another eight per cent said they would not vote or would spoil their ballot.

The poll results are based on 801 respondents. It is accurate within plus or minus 3.9 points.