Prime Minister Stephen Harper made one couple’s wedding even more memorable, after coming across the bride and groom during their photo shoot and posing for a few pictures.

In Jocelyne Potvin and Patrick Sullivan’s wedding photos, which were taken by Ottawa-based wedding photographer Laura Kelly, the couple’s chance meeting with the prime minister was captured on film.

According to Kelly, who details the surprise encounter in a blog post, the wedding party was taking photos in Rockliffe Park Saturday when they saw three black cars pull into the parking lot.

“Someone jokingly says, ‘I bet you it's the Prime Minister or something!’” wrote Kelly.

Then as the cars were preparing to leave the park, Harper suddenly emerged -- with security in tow -- to congratulate the couple.

Kelly’s photos of the prime minister range from casual (chatting with the groom and shaking hands with the bride), to formal (posing with the happy couple with Harper in the middle).

Harper, dressed down in blue jeans and a sports coat, even posed for a photo with the entire wedding party. In the photo, Harper is flanked by six groomsmen, six bridesmaids and the beaming newlyweds.

Kelly said the best part of the interaction occurred when Harper asked the couple if they had already had their wedding ceremony.

“So, have you already done it?” Harper asked.

The groom thought he was asking whether the couple had been married before and replied “Nope, first time.”

Kelly even managed to grab a photo with Harper for herself.

After introducing herself as the photographer, the prime minister suggested someone else take her camera so the two could get a photo together.

“Let’s see if someone can work your camera,” he said.

So the bride took the camera and snapped a photo, said Kelly.

Kelly later thanked the Prime Minister on Twitter for the pleasant surprise.

“@pmharper thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to congratulate the newlyweds! … thrilled to meet you!” she tweeted.