The Speaker of the Senate is expected to give notice to his colleagues Thursday that they may have to return to work to deal with an audit into Sen. Pamela Wallin’s expenses, which will be turned over to the upper chamber next week, CTV News has learned.

Auditing firm Deloitte has completed its audit into four years’ worth of Wallin’s travel expenses, and will hand over its report to a Senate committee on Monday.

Speaker Noel Kinsella will likely recall senators from their summer break in order to review the document, issue their own report and perhaps refer the audit to the RCMP. Senators must approve any request from the Mounties for documents related to the audit.

Auditors were reviewing about $321,000 worth of travel expenses from Wallin’s four years in the Senate, beginning in 2009.

CTV’s political correspondent and Power Play host Don Martin said Wednesday he has heard that “there’s bad news coming for Sen. Pamela Wallin next week in this report.”

Wallin has already repaid at least $38,000 in expenses. Sources have told CTV News that she paid back about $25,000 before the audit even began.

The audit into Wallin’s expenses is coming down three months after audits into the expense claims of three other senators were released. When it turned over its audits into Sen. Mike Duffy, Sen. Mac Harb and Sen. Patrick Brazeau in May, Deloitte asked for, and was granted, additional time to probe Wallin’s expenses.