Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau has written a song about missing and murdered aboriginal women and posted his rendition on YouTube.

In the video, a casually dressed Brazeau strums a guitar and sings the ballad in front of a fireplace.  

“There are so many of our young women that have gone missing who have been murdered and much more needs to be done, and I think a national inquiry needs to take place,” he says before launching into song, called ‘Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women/Please Come Back to Me.”

Brazeau told CTV’s Power Play Tuesday that he wrote the song to raise awareness about a serious issue that’s not getting enough national attention.

“I think it’s time to lead a national inquiry because aboriginal women deserve it and certainly the families of the victims deserve an inquiry to ensure that First Nations women…are treated equally as non-aboriginal women,” he said.

“To me, as a First Nations person, if this were to happen in the non-aboriginal context, there would be a huge public outcry.”

Brazeau said there are more than 600 cases of murdered and missing aboriginal women across Canada, including two at his reserve that have gone unsolved for years.  

In the caption below his YouTube video, Brazeau wrote: “Obviously I cannot sing but perhaps a real singer will want to record this song to raise funds for the families of the victims.”