Canada’s public safety minister says he understands the concerns of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and his family after their Ottawa home was broken into over the weekend.

A threatening note was found near the back door of Trudeau’s rented home Saturday morning, warning that items could have been stolen from the house and that the family should lock its doors in the future, a police source told CTV News.

The break-in happened while Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregorie-Trudeau, and their three young children were asleep in the home. Trudeau, who was in Winnipeg at the time, said the incident has rattled the family and prompted him to re-evaluate his travel schedule.

On Monday, a spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said he “understands the concerns of the Trudeau family.”

“This matter is being currently dealt with by the RCMP which has the operational expertise when it comes to ensuring the security of political leaders," the spokesperson said.  

Unlike at the residences of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, Trudeau does not have a dedicated security detail at his Rockcliffe Park home in Ottawa.

Unlike Harper, however, Mulcair has no full-time security detail.

Risk assessment for Trudeau?

If a federal party leader or a member of parliament is threatened, the RCMP can do a risk assessment and decide whether beefed-up security is necessary, said former RCMP superintendent Garry Clement.

“All of it is based on a measured approach,” Clement told CTV News Channel Monday.

He said the Mounties must take into consideration the seriousness of the threat, or an incident that occurred, and the amount of resources needed to provide more security.

Ottawa police and the RCMP are still investigating the break-in. They have not released any information about a suspect.

Twitter backlash

Meanwhile, Conservative MP Ryan Leef has apologized for making a “tongue-in-cheek” comment about the break-in on Twitter.

In reply to someone else’s comment, Leef tweeted: “since Justin thinks budgets balance themselves, maybe he thinks doors lock themselves?”

He later deleted the post and apologized, saying it was inappropriate.

“…In no way was it a reflection of how serious the incident is nor commentary on my commitment to public safety,” Leef said.