OTTAWA -- The environment and the enduring COVID-19 pandemic are now tied as the top issues of concern among Canadians, according to Nanos Research polling.

The latest issue tracker data shows that as of Sept. 24, 15.64 per cent of Canadians named COVID-19 as their top issue of concern, while 15.48 per cent named the environment.

Heath care, job creation, and the ballooning deficit follow closely behind.

Nik Nanos, founder and chief data scientist at Nanos Research, spoke about the numbers on the latest episode of CTV's Trend Line podcast.

“People are less worried about the coronavirus than they have been in quite a long time,” said Nanos.

While the environment was a growing issue of concern in early August before the election was called, it was far below COVID-19 as an issue of concern for Canadians.

The next episode of Trend Line is out on Oct. 5.