Hundreds of pipeline protesters gathered outside the Liberal cabinet retreat in Nanaimo, B.C. Wednesday.

The demonstrators were there to protest the federal government’s decision to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan in order to push ahead with building a twinning line between Alberta and British Columbia.

Protesters held signs and banners that took direct aim at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"PM Trudeau: Climate leaders don’t buy pipelines," read one. "Justin: It's my planet too," said another.

One woman was wearing a T-shirt with a silhouette of Trudeau’s head, with the words: "Pipeline politics" and "new hair, same B.S."

Some of the protesters wore white safety masks, presumably given the current air quality in the area, on account of the ongoing wildfires.

Trudeau spoke about the ongoing pipeline dispute with reporters on his way in to the cabinet meeting, saying he discussed the pipeline with B.C. Premier John Horgan on Tuesday, and that Horgan would be taking part in Wednesday's meeting.

"We continue to have differing views on the issue of the pipeline but it's not a point of deep contention for us, we have some many things that we do need to talk about," Trudeau said.

The Canadian Press recently reported that the pipeline could end up costing more than $1.9 billion above the original $7.4 billion to construct the project, and could take a year longer than initially estimated.