The sovereigntist Parti Quebecois says it wants to reach out to Anglophones in Quebec as part of its 2018 election strategy.

Members discussed the issue at the party’s national council meeting over the weekend, where they also unanimously voted in favour of continuing to prioritize protection of the French language at Quebec’s National Assembly.

Alexis Deschenes, the president of the Bonaventure PQ riding association, told CTV Montreal that winning over Anglophones won’t be “an easy thing.”

“We know that,” he said. “The members of the Parti Quebecois have a serious concern. They want to reach out to the Anglophones and the newcomers so at least we’ve got this strong and genuine feeling that we want to reach out.

“And how we’re going do that, we have to think about it.”

PQ Leader Pierre Karl Peladeau has already signalled a desire to bring Anglophones into the fold. In January, he stood up for Anglophone rights after two English-language school boards complained about being excluded from government hearings into proposed legislative changes. 

In the 2014 provincial election, the Liberal Party won a majority government with 70 seats, while the PQ finished second with 30 seats. The next provincial election is currently scheduled for Oct. 1, 2018.

With a report from CTV Montreal