OTTAWA -- A month-and-a-half after the federal budget was released, the Harper government will spell out today how it's going to spend the money.

And, as is often the case, the devil will be in the details.

In the past, the Conservatives have included sometimes controversial, non-fiscal items in their budget implementation legislation.

Among the other happenings on and around Parliament Hill today:

  • The Broadbent Institute will hold its first Progress Summit, where policy experts from across Canada and around the world will come together for three days to discuss how best to build a prosperous 21st century Canadian economy.
  • The Supreme Court of Canada will issue a decision in a case involving a Parks Canada employee from Alberta who asked for compensation for work-related chronic stress under the Government Employees Compensation Act.
  • And Engineers Without Borders and the North-South Institute will hold a panel discussion on Canadian development spending.