TORONTO - The Ontario campaign trail will take the three party leaders to five cities today.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne is scheduled to speak in Toronto's Little Italy neighbourhood before appearing with students at a French-language elementary school and meeting constituents in Mississauga.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is to give a speech to the London Chamber of Commerce before heading to Waterloo for a photo-op at a plant that makes snow plow blades.

New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath is campaigning in Ottawa and will be giving a speech to a left-of-centre think tank.

Wynne brought in some federal firepower to boost her campaign Thursday.

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin joined Wynne to help sell her proposed provincial pension plan.

The plan is a cornerstone of Wynne's campaign and a bone of contention between her and the Harper Conservatives.

Horwath unveiled her party's campaign platform. It outlines a plan to raise the corporate tax rate and offer financial help to hydro users, family caregivers and students.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak spent the day campaigning in Ottawa, where he said a judicial inquiry is needed for the Liberal government's gas plants scandal.