TORONTO - Ontario's election campaign is keeping a low-key long weekend pace as the three leaders have sparse schedules.

Premier Kathleen Wynne is planning to make an announcement in Toronto today, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak is limiting himself to a single media appearance, and N-D-P leader Andrea Horwath will do some mainstreeting in Toronto.

The leaders have kept campaign events to a minimum, mostly making themselves available to the media where they've been sniping at each other.

On Sunday Hudak repeated a promise to hold a public inquiry into the governing Liberals' decision to scrap two gas plants at a cost of more than a-billion dollars to taxpayers.

Horwath rolled out New Democrat ads that attack the governing Liberals record, while Wynne denied Hudak's charge that she's running a negative campaign and using ads to make personal attacks.

The premier insisted that Liberal ads merely contrast the differences between the three parties.