In the final week of the Ontario election campaign, voters are split on who would make the best premier, according to the results of a new poll.

An Ipsos Reid poll for CTV News released Saturday puts Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath in a three-way tie when it comes to who is best fit to lead the province.

With less than a week of campaigning left, the survey puts Wynne at 34 per cent support, Horwath at 33 per cent and Hudak at 32 per cent.

Among likely voters, however, Hudak fares better with 37 per cent support, compared to Wynne at 33 per cent and Horwath at 30 per cent.

An Ipsos Reid poll released Friday put the PCs and Liberals in a neck-in-neck tie, each taking 35 per cent support among decided voters.

Ontarians want majority government

Four in 10 Ontarians surveyed say they'd like to see a Liberal government, while 35 per cent say they prefer a PC government and 25 per cent want an NDP government.

But most Ontarians (67 per cent), regardless of whether they're planning on voting in the June 12 election, say they'd like to see a majority government.

Fully one-half of Ontarians think the Liberals will win next week’s election, while the other half believe the PCs (36 per cent) or the NDP (14 per cent) will form the new government at Queen's Park.

Economy driving issue of campaign

When asked about the driving issue of the campaign, 30 per cent of Ontarians say creating better jobs and a strong economy tops the list – well ahead of any other issue.

Better health care is the top issue for 10 per cent of Ontario voters, while 10 per cent say lowering taxes is most important, followed by balancing the budget at nine per cent and integrity from government leaders at eight per cent.

The Ipsos Reid poll was conducted between June 3 (after the debate) and June 6. The poll surveyed 2,140 Ontarians and is accurate within plus or minus 2.4 percentage points.