The New Democrats stepped up to show voters how they’ll pay for their multi-billion dollar platform promises ahead of Thursday’s debate.

While the NDP is the first major party to provide a full costing -- the Green Party released its costed platform on Sept. 9 -- it almost appeared as though they had to show off their fiscal framework twice.

Their first shot was Wednesday, and critics at the time suggested that the numbers didn’t quite add up. They said the spending information is vague, based on a surplus using contingency funds.

For example, the party’s projected $4.1-billion surplus for the 2015-16 fiscal year is based on projections from the 2015 budget, which may be out of date due to the slowing economy and low oil prices.

So a press conference was held Thursday morning to go over the framework, again.

The numbers depict that the party is back-loading promises, increases spending gradually for some key announcements such as the oft-touted $15/day daycare toward the end of a four-year mandate.

The NDP says other promises are not yet unveiled, but the costing is in its framework, which you can read below.

Unlike Trudeau, who has already pledged to run deficits, and Harper, whose government is currently in surplus territory, Mulcair is under pressure.

With significant spending promising - and a commitment to balance the budget - he must convince voters that an NDP government can be fiscally responsible.

NDP Spending Commitments To Date