Conservative MP Rob Anders says he’s “taken on legal counsel” after his nomination campaign was accused of making impersonating phone calls.

His opponent, Ron Liepert, alleged this week that Anders’ campaign is calling constituents and leading them to believe the calls are coming from the Liepert camp.

Liepert, a former Alberta Progressive Conservative MLA, is challenging Anders for the federal nomination in the redrawn riding of Calgary Signal Hill.

“An hour after the prime minister endorsed me in Signal Hill, Ron Liepert comes out with these allegations that are defaming my character and making accusations,” Anders told CTV’s Power Play Wednesday.

“So I’m going to call it what it is, which is kind of guttersnipe politics. I would never try to impersonate Ron Liepert and his tax-and-spend Liberal policies. So for him to say that type of thing is absolutely misleading.

“We’ve taken on legal counsel. They’ve issued a letter to Mr. Liepert,” Anders said. “It will probably be before the courts.”

Liepert told Power Play on Tuesday that some of his volunteers received calls last week claiming to be from his campaign. When they called the number back, “in each case they ended up getting a recording that said all of Rob Anders’ volunteers were tied up,” he said.

Liepert said he’s filed a complaint with Elections Canada.

Asked whether he thinks Anders’ himself or his volunteers were behind the alleged calls, Liepert said: “I think it was probably not him, but ultimately the buck stops at his door.”

On Wednesday, Anders blasted Liepert, saying he signed up “a bunch of Liberals and people who won’t vote Conservative in the general election but are there simply to cause mucky-muck and hijack our process.”

“We’re going to expose that and we’re going to make sure people know the truth and we’re going to make sure that real blue Conservatives who want to cut taxes know who their real choice is,” Anders said.

Asked whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper was uniquely endorsing him or all the Conservative incumbents, Anders did not give a direct answer.

He said he has known Harper “for a very long time,” and praised him as “probably the best prime minister of my lifetime.”

On Monday, an apparent endorsement attributed to Harper was posted on Anders’ nomination website.

“Rob Anders has been a strong voice in our Caucus and Conservative Government as well as a valued member of our team. The Road to 2015 is one that needs strong, stable leadership and I've been able to count on Rob to get real results for his riding and our country,” it read.

Liepert and others have said that Harper is endorsing all sitting MPs.