OTTAWA -- Conservative MP Michelle Rempel isn't ruling out a possible run for mayor of Calgary next fall.

The MP for Calgary Nose Hill wouldn't say whether she is considering challenging Naheed Nenshi for the position, but didn't rule it out.

"I'm ... doing my job here in Ottawa and voting on the next piece of legislation here today," Rempel told on Wednesday after question period.

Rempel has challenged Nenshi and the current city council on social media recently. On Monday night, she took aim at the city's Green Line, a 20 kilometre, $4.65 billion light rail project.

"I'm very unhappy that the city has elected to put forward a budget for a project that is half the length of the project that was originally supposed to go forward, and with an increased cost," she said in Ottawa.

"This does nothing [of] what it was supposed to do.... As somebody who represents the voice of Calgarian taxpayers and Canadian taxpayers, because I understand that the council is going to go back to the federal government for more money, yes, I'm deeply unhappy."

Last week, Rempel told CTV Calgary that she had been approached about running for mayor and would consider it over the summer.

Calgary's municipal election is set for Oct. 16.

The federal Conservatives will select their new leader on May 27. While members set policy every two years by voting at conventions, the leader sets the tone and can influence the party’s direction. MPs who ran when Stephen Harper was the leader may decide not to run again if they feel less in sync with whomever is chosen to replace him.