OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Heritage Minister Melanie Joly found themselves fighting on different sides Wednesday night at a charity boxing match in Montreal.

Trudeau, who famously won his own bout against Sen. Patrick Brazeau in a charity event in Ottawa in 2012, this time played a supporting role as the coach of Montreal boxer and mixed martial artist Ali Nestor.

Melanie Joly and Justin Trudeau at boxing match

Nestor boxed 12 different people on Wednesday, including Joly, to raise money for his charity. Ali et les princes de la rue (which translates roughly into Ali and the street princes) aims to use sports to help kids channel aggression and frustration in a more positive way, and to keep them from dropping out of school.

Joly, who is 5'6", won her bout against the six-foot-tall Nestor, though her spokesman said it wasn't a traditional match with attempted knock-outs.

Quebec TV host Julie Snyder coached Joly for the match.