Federal cabinet minister Maxime Bernier did not know his driver’s licence had been suspended when he was pulled over by police earlier this month, his office said Monday.

According to reports, Bernier was driving in Quebec on June 16 when a police officer pulled him over on an unrelated matter and pointed out that the MP’s licence was not valid.

“Mr. Bernier was unaware his driver’s license was suspended after a ticket went unpaid. Once this was brought to his attention, he immediately paid the ticket,” Bernier’s spokesperson Scott French said in an email.

“His driver’s license has been reinstated.”

It was not clear what kind of traffic ticket Bernier had neglected to pay or why he was pulled over on June 16.

Bernier is the minister of state for small business and tourism.

He resigned as foreign affairs minister in 2008 after leaving sensitive documents at the home of his ex-girlfriend, but eventually returned to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet.