A years-old photo that shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau performing what looks like a yoga pose in an office on Parliament Hill has gone viral.

The photo shows Trudeau, then an MP, supporting himself by his hands on a table, with his legs horizontally in the air, as several men around him laugh.

Trudeau tweeted the photo in April 2013, but it started to go viral this week.

One of the men in the photo, Ontario MP Anthony Rota, told Almaguin News that the photo was likely taken in 2010. He said planking “was the big rage back then” and Trudeau was actually trying to show off his planking skills.

The image is reminiscent of a photo taken of the elder Trudeau taken more than 40 years earlier.

Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau was photographed holding a "peacock pose" on the shores of the Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories in 1970.

Users on social media were impressed by the current prime minister's planking skills.