Federal Liberal delegates are meeting this weekend in Winnipeg at their first policy convention since Justin Trudeau led them back to government last October.

The convention kicked off Thursday with meetings and an opening ceremony. Delegates are now turning their attention to policy in workshops covering democratic reform, the environment, the economy and other major issues. They'll also have sessions on political organizing.

Katie Telford, Trudeau's chief of staff and the Liberals' 2015 campaign director, will give a keynote address over the lunch hour, with Heritage Minister Melanie Joly doing a keynote late Friday afternoon.

Trudeau won't arrive until later today, following his trip to Japan for the G7. He'll address Liberal delegates at noon on Saturday.

Aside from revelling in their electoral success last fall, the big item on the Liberal agenda is likely to be a move to streamline the party's constitution and the 18 other governing documents that affect its operations. It would also allow Liberals to become members without paying the party's $10 fee.

The convention will feature about three hours on plenary discussions, as well as sessions looking back at their successful 2015 campaign.