Lawyer Selwyn Pieters says he’s no longer representing Sen. Don Meredith, who has been asked to resign by his fellow senators over his sexual relationship with a teenaged girl.

“That was one of the shortest and most hectic retainer I have ever taken on in my legal career. – feeling thankful,” Pieters wrote on Twitter.

He said that another lawyer had been retained “with my blessing, to handle this very important and public interest matter.”

On March 9, Senate ethics officer Lyse Ricard released a report about Meredith’s sexual relationship with the teenager, referred to only as “Ms. M.” The relationship began when she was 16 years old and Meredith was 48, and lasted about two years.

Ricard said Meredith “drew upon the weight, prestige and notability of his office, as well as his relative position of power as a much older adult, to lure or attract Ms. M, a teenager who, by virtue of her age, was necessarily vulnerable.”

Pieters defended Meredith on CTV’s Power Play last week, saying that “nothing improper happened. It takes two to tango.”

The Toronto-based lawyer said Meredith may have been the victim of institutional racism over his relationship with the teen.

“Black people in public places and in highly visible public jobs are invariably taken down,” Pieters said. “They’re portraying him as a sexual predator, and historically that is how people look at black men: as hypersexual, as sexual predators, as thinking with their penis as opposed to their heads.”