Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says she would ask the governor general for more “time to consult” with the NDP and Liberals, should the Harper government win a minority government in the upcoming election.

Speaking to CTV’s Power Play Wednesday, May said while her party is interested in balancing Parliament, rather than controlling it, the Greens aren’t willing to work with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.

“Under no circumstances would the Green Party members assist Mr. Harper in a minority Parliament,” said May, stopping short of using the word coalition.

“In fact, I would call the governor general, should the Conservatives have a few more seats than the others, and ask for time to confer and consult with Mr. Trudeau, with Mr. Mulcair to come up with a Parliament that better represents what Canadians want.”

May said she isn’t sure whether the NDP or Liberals are more of a partner for the Greens in Parliament; she is just focused on making Parliament work better.

“What I dream of at night, actually, is restoring respect in Parliament and having a hard-working Parliament that is deliberative, thoughtful and delivers the kind of minority Parliament that we saw under Lester B. Pearson, when his silent partner was a small group of MPs led by Tommy Douglas.”

All opposition party leaders have faced questions about the possibility of a coalition should Harper win a minority government on Oct. 19.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has said he would team up with the Liberals if it meant ousting Harper. But Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has rejected the idea, saying that while his party is always open to working with others, Canadians don’t want a coalition government.

With files from the Canadian Press