Two American admirers got down on their knees last week to beg Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to run for U.S. president.

Trudeau was visiting a café in New York with a U.S. reporter on Thursday, when the two men approached him and made the unusual proposal.

A video of the encounter shows a surprised Trudeau laughing and explaining why he isn't eligible for the job.

"Could you run for president here?" one man asks the prime minister.

Trudeau jokingly plays along, insisting that it's not possible because he's not "American-born."

But the men persist.

"All our guys are so bad!" one says. "We'll do anything. We're literally begging you."

Then, they drop to their knees.

Still, Trudeau politely declines.

"I actually have a job," he says. "And it's a pretty good one."