OTTAWA -- Liberal and opposition members of Parliament split along party lines Friday while discussing the public outcry sparked by the adoption of a new amendment to Bill C-10.

The bill sponsored by Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault is intended to update the Broadcasting Act to better reflect how people and companies use the internet, including social media platforms.

The government says the legislation is designed to regulate platforms like YouTube and Facebook in the same way as conventional broadcasters if those platforms distribute video content or music to Canadians.

But Conservative MP Rachael Harder argues the heritage committee went too far by removing a section of the proposed legislation that excluded user-generated content from CRTC oversight.

Harder said there's widespread fear the CRTC could undermine individual freedom of expression by regulating how internet platforms distribute content generated by ordinary users.

Guilbeault disputed that argument later Friday, saying Bill C-10 poses no threat to individual rights that the Conservatives are using public fear to stall or kill the legislation.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 30, 2021.