Liberal MP Ralph Goodale has written to the federal ethics commissioner, asking her to investigate a recent fundraising event attended by Heritage Minister Shelly Glover.

In his letter to Mary Dawson, Goodale points out that the federal Conflict of Interest Act forbids public office holders from soliciting funds from individuals or organizations that could place the public official in a conflict of interest.

The rules also say that ministers must avoid "situations where issues of preferential treatment of other conflicts could arise."

Glover, whose cabinet portfolio oversees cultural issues, was at a fundraising event in Winnipeg Jan. 16, at which members of Winnipeg's arts and culture community were asked to donate money.

The event's invitation, which was obtained by CTV News, reveals that invitees to the event were "primarily of the cultural community of Winnipeg."

Glover's office told CTV News Friday, that some of the guests at the fundraiser did have dealings with the Heritage department, and the minister has decided not to accept any of the $1,200 raised at the event.

Glover also told CTV News that her riding association sent the invitations, and she had no personal involvement in selecting guests.

She said that she has told her riding association to never again hold an event that could contravene federal rules, and has written a letter to the federal ethics commissioner asking if the event could get her in trouble.

In his letter, Goodale suggests the matter requires a more thorough probe.

"Any breach of the Conflict of Interest Code undermines the confidence that Canadians have in our elected representatives, and as such, warrants an investigation by your office," Goodale states.

With files from The Canadian Press