Following is the full list of 11 new rules that Sen. Marjori LeBreton, the government leader in the Senate, said were adopted Tuesday by the upper chamber.

1. Remove the principal from the Senate Administrative Rules that states a Senator is presumed to act honorably with respect to expenses.

2. Clarify and make consistent terminology surrounding residency for the purposes of expense claims.

3. Require a Senator to provide a specific purpose for travel when claiming expenses.

4. Require Senators to maintain mileage logs for the purpose of claiming mileage.

5. Require taxi receipts be providing when claiming taxi expenses.

6. Restrict per diems in the NCR to days the Senate sits, days the Senator attends committee meetings and up to 20 additional days while on approved Senate business.

7. Amend the 64 point travel system to limit Senators to 12 trips not between the NCR and the Senator's provincial residence.

8. Restrict a Senator's designated traveler to a spouse or partner.

9. Require Administration to provide Internal Economy with monthly reports on travel patterns.

10. Amend the categories of travel to Regular Senate Business Travel and Other Senate Business Travel.

11. Eliminate the ability to use a travel point for international travel except for the currently authorized maximum of four trips in total to New York City (for UN-related business only) and Washington, D.C.