Rohingya. Mayfair. BBQ.

Those were among the words scrawled in black pen on the palm of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland as she addressed reporters in Washington, D.C on Friday.

Freeland has been attending nonstop meeting in the U.S. capital in hopes of hammering out a new North America Free Trade Agreement. On at least two occasions this week, she’s been spotted with inky notes on her hand.

CTV News producer Will Dugan captured a shot of the minister’s hand on Friday. The words appeared to be talking points for a conversation, either with reporters or in trade talks. Freeland also met with her U.S. counterpart, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on Friday.

Other words on Freeland’s hand include “sunset” – likely a reference to the sunset clause, a longstanding sticking point in NAFTA negotiations – and Cal Train, a Bombardier light rail transit vehicle.

It’s unclear what “BBQ” may have been referring to.

Penning notes on her hand isn’t necessarily new for Freeland. On Wednesday, she was spotted with the words “Pompeo” and “Iran” written on her hand during another address. In that case, the words were likely references to U.S. President Donald Trump’s plan to leave the Iran nuclear deal, and a planned meeting with Pompeo.

“You have to give it to her, she does speak to reporters every day when she attends these meetings,” said CTV News Washington Bureau Correspondent Richard Madan on CTV’s Power Play.

“(U.S. trade representative) Bob Lighthizer does not.”

Some observers have suggested that Freeland’s inky hands may be a reflection of the harried state of NAFTA talks, which are nearing what has been described as an unofficial deadline imposed by U.S. negotiators concerned with passing the deal before midterm elections this fall.

That, or she ran out of paper.