Eve Adams, the former Conservative MP for the Ontario riding of Mississauga-Brampton South, has crossed the floor to join the Liberals. But this isn't the first time Adams has made the news.

Adams, who most recently served as the parliamentary secretary to the health minister, has been an MP since 2011.

During her time as a Conservative MP she has been linked to a several incidents that have made headlines across the country. Here's a look back at some of those incidents:

Harper under pressure to fire MP Adams

'Grave concerns' on conduct

During a tough nomination campaign in 2014 for the newly formed riding of Oakville-North Burlington, riding association president Mark Fedak wrote a letter complaining that Adams had disrupted a riding association board meeting, by verbally abusing board members and then refusing to leave.

Fedak also alleged that Adams told a local consulting firm to turn down a request by the board to conduct pre-election research work.

His complaint resulted in Conservative Party National Council President John Walsh issuing a letter to Adams, warning that the council had "grave concerns" regarding the manner in which she was conducting her campaign.

Adams later withdrew from the race, citing lingering health effects from a concussion she had previously suffered after slipping on the ice.

In a statement released Monday, Walsh said he informed Adams on Jan. 29 that she would not be permitted to run for the Conservatives in the next election due to “misconduct from the Oakville North-Burlington nomination race.”

"I communicated clearly that our Party takes our nomination rules and procedures seriously, and we made a commitment to run fair and open nominations, and any misconduct from candidates, including caucus members, would not be tolerated," Walsh said in the statement.

Dimitri Soudas Conservative executive director

Soudas ousted as Conservative Party executive director

During that same campaign, Adams' partner Dimitri Soudas was forced out as executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada over allegations about his involvement in her nomination bid.

Soudas had recused himself from any participation in her campaign, but because of his relationship with Adams, several local party members still complained.

They alleged that Soudas drove Adams to the meeting of the local Conservative riding association that prompted Walsh's warning letter to Adams.

Soudas had been specifically ordered not to get involved with her campaign, but said he did so anyway out of loyalty.

In a subsequent interview with CTV’s Question Period, Soudas called Stephen Harper a “great prime minister” and a “father figure.”

But Soudas’ loyalty to Harper did not last. He will now work on Adams’s campaign for the Liberal nomination.

Soudas had left a senior position at the Canadian Olympic Committee in 2013 to help run theConservative Party's 2015 election campaign. He had also previously served as Harper’s communications director.

CTV Extended: Eve Adams's car wash dispute

Gas station dispute

In December 2013, Adams was accused of blocking a gas pump at an Ottawa Esso station for 17 minutes while she demanded a refund on a $6 car wash.

The owner of the gas station told CTV News that he asked Adams at least four times if she would move her car to the side while negotiating a refund, but she refused.

Surveillance footage of the incident was later released, showing that Adams had parked her SUV in front of one of the gas pumps. She is also seen appearing to argue with a man outside her vehicle.

The station owner said Adams demanded a refund because she claims there was a spot of ice on her bumper after she went through the wash. But the station owner said the car was spotless.

Adams later apologized to the Esso owner and explained her version of events to The Canadian Press.

It was later revealed that the incident had reached the PMO.


Shopping during Remembrance Week

In 2011, it came to light that Adams, who was then the parliamentary secretary to the minister of veterans affairs, was spotted shopping in New York City during Remembrance Week.

At the time, CTV News' Ottawa Bureau Chief Bob Fife tweeted that the PMO was upset by the affair.

"PMO upset Tory MP Eve Adams – parl secretary to Veterans – was in NYC shopping on Remembrance week," Fife tweeted.