Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly threatened to physically assault a teacher while he was acting as a football coach at a Toronto high school in 2013, according to dozens of emails released by the school board.

On Thursday, the Toronto Catholic District School Board released 122 emails and letters that claim the mayor showed up to practice inebriated and threatened a teacher.

The documents were published online following a Freedom of Information request, and the contents have not been confirmed by Ford.

The allegations were made mostly by then-principal Ugo Rossi and teacher John Royiwsky, who worked at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School near Islington Avenue and Dixon Road while Ford was coaching.

In one incident, Ford is accused of holding practice before the official beginning of school in 2012, which is prohibited by the school board and the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations.

Royiwsky confronted Ford, who allegedly told the teacher, "I will kick your a--, f--k you." Royiwsky said that Ford later apologized for the confrontation.

Also in September, Ford is accused of asking the players to provide a "human shield" to escort him to his car to avoid reporters, an email from Rossi says.

The mayor also promised to pay for 25 new football helmets, then stated he'd provided enough money and the school board was left to cover the $5,000 bill, the email says.

The same email alleges that Ford made his teenage players "roll in goose scat" and called them profane names in October.

Another email from Rossi said Ford was late and "visibly inebriated" at a football practice on Nov. 26, 2012. Ford was described as "incoherent" in the post-practice meeting as he pushed other coaches and staff members to have players sequestered in his office before a big game the next day.

Also included in the documents published is a letter informing Ford his position of head coach would not be renewed. The letter cites an interview on Sun News Network in February 2013 in which the mayor stated that the school was in a "tough area" and that many of his players "come from gangs" and "broken homes."

Ford left the volunteer coaching position in May after 10 years of leading the team, just days after Gawker reported on the video that allegedly shows the mayor smoking from a glass pipe.

The school board thanked him for his years of service, and told media that the decision had nothing to do with the drug controversy.