MONTREAL -- Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says if elected his government would not appeal a recent decision to end a ban on wearing face veils at citizenship ceremonies.

Trudeau made the comments today during a campaign rally at a private airport in Montreal.

His comments come in response to the government's announcement it will seek a stay on a recent Federal Court of Appeal decision allowing the veil during the oath-taking ceremony, while it prepares its appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Conservatives argue most Canadians agree that people wanting to become citizens should show their face during citizenship ceremonies.

Trudeau says his government will ensure Canadians' rights are respected across the country.

Current laws ban wearing face veils during citizenship ceremonies but a three-judge appeal panel upheld a lower court ruling this week saying the current legislation is unlawful.

Trudeau said his government would also end other court cases involving the Conservative government, such as the one where he said the Tories are fighting to deprive veterans of their benefits.