CALGARY -- A group of Canadian military veterans has launched a campaign aimed at supporting the Conservatives during the tail end of the federal election campaign.

Retired warrant officer Lee Humphrey says he was upset that another veterans group, "Anyone But Conservatives", claimed to speak on behalf of military personnel when it announced plans to campaign against Conservative Leader Stephen Harper in August.

Humphrey says he believes most who have served in the Canadian Forces are supportive of the Conservative government and launched "Veterans For The Conservative Party of Canada" as a result.

He says there are already 3,700 supporters on the organization's Facebook page who are opposed to the policies of both the Liberals and especially the NDP.

Humphrey says while the Conservatives are far from perfect, they have made an effort to improve things for veterans and are easily the best option available.

He is also critical of the ABC group, saying it is cowardly to attack the government without offering an alternative choice who can do the job better.