More money for neurological research and resources to deal with drug use.

Prescription Drugs

  • Renew funding for Brain Canada, a non-profit organization devoted to comprehensive neurological research.
  • Allot $500,000 a year over four years on a national toll-free hotline for parents to call to get information about drug use among youth.
  • Create an endowment fund for museums that would match the money the institutions raise privately, with a cap of about $15 million a year.
  • Earmark $9 million over three years starting in 2016 for a tourism program to attract recreational anglers, hunters and snowmobiles from the U.S.
  • Better harmonize child car seat regulations with those of the United States to provide more choice and better prices.


Ambitious child care plan, universal drug coverage and increased funding for mental health.

CTV News: NDP defends child care plan

  • Provide $2.6 billion over four years and work with provinces to establish universal prescription drug coverage. Aim to cut drug costs by 30 per cent through bulk purchases.
  • Invest $40 million over four years to restore cuts to shelters for women fleeing violence, creating or renovating 2,100 spaces in first-stage shelters and 350 spaces in transition houses.
  • Set up a $100-million, four-year mental health innovation fund for children and youth, including $15 million a year for health-care providers and community mental health associations and $10 million a year for research and information-sharing among health-care providers.
  • Invest $300 million to build 200 additional health clinics and spend $200 million on recruitment grants for health-care professionals. Devote $40 million to deal with Alzheimer's and dementia, including money for research, screening, early diagnosis and treatment and help for families seeking care for afflicted relatives.
  • Reverse a planned reduction in the rate of increase in provincial health transfers, due to set in two years from now.
  • Spend $32 million over four years to ensure more northerners have access to nutritious food.
  • Give $28 million for Sport Canada to help poor and disadvantaged youth to play sports.


Improvements to home care, access to prescription drugs, and the process of reuniting immigrant families are among the key promises

Nurse charges

  • Establish a pan-Canadian Expert Advisory Council on Mental Health.
  • Earmark almost $20 billion over 10 years specifically for "social infrastructure," including affordable seniors' housing and long-term care facilities.
  • Make employment insurance compassionate care benefits available to anyone caring for a seriously ill family member and make the program more flexible by allowing the six-month benefit to be claimed in blocks of time over a year-long period.
  • Bring in a new, tax-free child benefit to replace the Conservative universal child benefit.
  • Provide $380 million in additional funding for the arts and undo Conservative funding cuts to the CBC.
  • Ease rules to speed up family reunification for immigrants. Scrap the visa requirement for Mexicans travelling to Canada.


A national pharmacare program is the cornerstone of the Greens’ healthcare and social issues platform


  • Introduce a national seniors strategy, which would include a guaranteed livable income, a national dementia strategy and increases to the Canada Health Transfer to account for the age of a province's population.
  • Provide $1.5 billion over five years for the CBC, Radio-Canada, the National Film Board, Canada Council for the Arts and Telefilm Canada.
  • Roll back cuts to Veterans Affairs, Canada Post and the CBC.


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