The Conservatives’ tough-on-crime agenda takes aim at parole eligibility, foreign criminals, human trafficking and drug trafficking.

Jail bars

  • Resurrect the "life means life" legislation that died in the Commons when the election was called. The bill would mean that those who commit the most heinous murders or high treason would spend the rest of their lives behind bars.
  • Bring in legislation to ensure that criminals sentenced to life are not eligible for parole. Toughen penalties for drunk drivers.
  • Create a formal list of criminal gangs, similar to what is done with designated terrorist groups. Put $2.5 million more a year into efforts to steer teens away from gang activity.
  • Establish new RCMP human trafficking teams in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg at an annual cost of $8 million for five years. Renew the national plan to combat human trafficking for five years at a cost of $20 million.
  • Another $4.5 million a year, on top of the $22 million currently budgeted, for an RCMP team designed to crack down on illegal drug labs and marijuana grow-ops.
  • Recently introduced legislation designed to streamline the process of transferring of foreign criminals back to their countries of origin.
  • Health Minister Rona Ambrose says she was “outraged” by the Supreme Court decision to expand definition of medical marijuana beyond dried leaves. Ambrose has also blasted Vancouver over its plan to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries.


The New Democrats’ plan focuses on adding more police offices and increasing funding for victims.

Police Car

  • Leader Tom Mulcair calls the Life Means Life Act unnecessary, saying judges already have the power to declare someone a dangerous offender and lock them up.
  • The NDP advocates for rules to allow more severe sentences for violent crimes, subject to judicial discretion.
  • The party says it’s important to increase the number of RCMP officers and provide them with “adequate resources” to address organized crime, gang activity and cyber crimes. They also pledge to strengthen the RCMP’s complaint and accountability mechanisms.
  • The party says it would establish a fund for victims’ support, partially funded by the proceeds of crime.


The Liberal plan pushes mandatory minimums for serious offenders only and supports marijuana legalization


  • Justin Trudeau says the justice system already “recognizes” that killers at risk to reoffend should not be granted parole.
  • The party also believes “smart and sustainable” investment in law enforcement is necessary.
  • Trudeau says that the current “war on drugs” is costly and ineffective. He says legalizing marijuana is the only way to keep it out of kids’ hands, as the substance would be regulated.


The Green Party supports legalization of marijuana


  • The party says the Life Means Life Act would apply to very few people and limit opportunity for rehabilitation.
  • The Greens support legalization of marijuana by removing it from the drug schedule. The party suggests a regulatory framework and taxation rate similar to that of tobacco.


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