EDMONTON -- NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is in Edmonton today touting the merits of his spending plan for public transit and other municipal infrastructure.

Mulcair says his 20-year federal funding commitment could help Edmonton build 40 kilometres of light rail transit and buy 100 train cars and 100 buses.

All three major federal parties are in an infrastructure bidding war, each claiming to have the best plan for beleaguered cities.

The New Democrats continue to headline annual investments of $1.3 billion over 20 years, although the party has conceded that not all of the annual funding is new.

The Conservatives and Liberals also have long-term municipal infrastructure money in their election platforms.

The NDP, which won a single seat in the province of Alberta in the 2011 federal election, is hoping to pick off additional ridings around Edmonton on Oct. 19, in part on the coattails of this spring's surprising provincial election victory by NDP Premier Rachel Notley.