Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he learned long ago not to pay too much attention to the criticism levelled against him or his family name.

Trudeau was in CTV's Canada AM studios Friday and was asked by an audience member about how he’s handled attack ads during this long campaign. The Liberal leader responded that he was raised to disregard what people say about him or his father -- whether positive or negative.

“I developed a strong sense of who I am, and I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what people who don’t like me have to say about me,” he said.

He added he has tried to keep his campaign focused on “positive change” and deliberately chose not to run personal attack ads.

“I don’t believe in attack ads,” he said, “I think they hurt your ability to govern and my capacity to stay positive and focused on our platform.”

The Liberal leader was then asked the same question that hosts Bev Thomson and Marci Ien asked of Tom Mulcair: Tim’s or Starbucks?

While the NDP leader said his preference was for Starbucks, Trudeau revealed he doesn’t drink coffee at all.

“I know too many people who rely on a cup of coffee in order to get through the day,” he explained. “I don’t like being dependent on anything.”

Other revelations from the hosts' "This or That" questions:

Who’s better: Bobby Orr or Bob & Doug?

“As much as I love Bob & Doug,” Trudeau responded, “they’re a parody of what it means to be Canadian. Bobby Orr is an extraordinarily inspiring person.”

Butter tarts – with raisins or without?

“If I’m going for a butter tart, I’m going to want the pure butter tart, with no raisins,” he said. “Raisins have their place but -- I’m reaching out to the raisin constituency here -- but give me butter tarts clean.”

The two Margarets – Atwood or Laurence?

“Trudeau,” the Liberal leader responded without hesitation.

Trudeau explained that all his life, people have been coming up to him to say “wonderful things” about his father. But over the last few years, more people want to talk to him about his mother and the work she’s done on mental health.

“And I’m just so incredibly proud to be her son. It’s something I don’t get to say enough,” Trudeau said. “And on Thanksgiving weekend, let me just say: I love you, Mom.”