These are challenging times for the once-dominant Conservative party.

They're opposing a phenomenally-popular government.

They've got leadership hopefuls who keep reminding voters about their backward immigration attitudes and niqab intolerance.

And they're watching the Liberals spend borrowed billions madly in all directions without economists objecting to the deficit dollar deluge.

But this week, the Conservatives beat the Liberals at compassion and caring, no easy task for a gang of supposedly heartless Harper leftovers.

Lead by unrelentingly combative Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, the Official Opposition browbeat the Liberals into doing something about providing refuge to a small persecuted and pacifist culture of Yazidi girls.

It should've been a no-brainer given that Canada is boasting of sunny ways with open arms to the world.

Thousands of these girls in ISIS -captured areas have endured unspeakable horrors as prisoners and sex slaves, then left to fend for themselves following the genocidal extermination of up to 15,000 Yazidis in 2014.

Yet the Liberals had to be dragged into supporting a motion condemning the genocide and demanding Yazidi cases be expedited for immediate relocation to Canada.

The only theory to explain the Liberal hesitation is that fast-tracking the Yazidis would prove that UN processing was discriminating against these girls – and offending the UN is a no-no while Canada is in pursuit of a Security Council seat.

But with the Conservatives united in a chorus of emotional indignation while victim and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Nadia Murad looked down from the Commons observation gallery, the Liberals finally gave Rempel's motion unanimous backing.

Even so, the government won't commit to bringing in a specific number of Yazidis or to sponsor any of them as government refugees.

They've got 120 days to act, which is how long it took the Trudeau government to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Yet we're talking about bringing far fewer Yazidi girls in extremely dire and desperate circumstances, some of them trapped in ISIS-occupied territory.

These sorts of opposition motions tend to be symbolic calls on the government, always quickly forgotten.

May this week's life line to Yazidi girls be much much more than a government going through the motions.

That's the Last Word.