Longtime political correspondent and co-host of CTV's Question Period Craig Oliver announced on Sunday that he is stepping back from his hosting duties, but is looking forward to new and exciting challenges.

Oliver, who is CTV's chief political correspondent, told News Channel that he will continue to appear on the weekly public affairs program as a panel member. He will also serve as a political analyst and commentator for CTV News.

Oliver, who started his career as a journalist in 1957, has been one of only three people to host the popular political program.

Oliver cited a desire to "know what it's like to sleep in on the weekends," as his reason for stepping down.

But Oliver promised that viewers will still see him on the weekly series, which wrapped up its season on Sunday.

"I'll still be around," he said. "I'm just not easy to get rid of. My wife tells me that all the time."

Oliver described some of the major changes in the profession he's seen over the span of his distinguished 55-year career.

While the biggest changes in the industry have been mostly technological, Oliver said the "basics have not changed."

"It's a pursuit of trying to find as much of the truth as you can," he said.

Another major change Oliver's seen has been the entry of women into the field.

"When I started there were no women in the newsrooms," he said.

Oliver recounted reading industry manuals early in his career that said that women were not hired as news announcers because people did not trust and believe them.

He also remembered an experience where a male colleague once threatened to walk out of the newsroom because he'd been asked to cover what he called "women's news."

Much has changed since those days, said Oliver.

"We find women correspondents, brilliant ones, everywhere on all networks," he said.

When asked what he'd miss the most, Oliver replied that he wasn't going to miss anything because "I'm still getting to work with the wonderful people I work with, for whom I have such immense affection and regard."

When asked what he's most looking forward to, Oliver replied: "Tomorrow, which is a continuation of the good old days."