OTTAWA -- The Conservative Party has strongly reprimanded MP Eve Adams for her behaviour in a hotly contested riding nomination fight in Oakville, Ont., CTV News has learned, but she will still be allowed to run in the race.

The party’s national council met Wednesday night to review a series of stinging complaints against Adams, sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week by the Oakville North-Burlington Conservative riding association.

Sources tell CTV News that the party’s governing body admonished Adams for her conduct during a March riding association meeting.

Adams was accused of interfering in the riding’s nomination race, verbally abusing board members, and refusing to leave when asked repeatedly.

Adams is seeking the Conservative nomination to run in Oakville North-Burlington, a new riding for the 2015 election. The national council decided Wednesday it would not bar her from the race, sources say.

The party is still investigating Adams’ nomination financing. It has asked her to provide a full accounting of how she’s spent on the nomination race.

“We expect that all campaigns and candidates will respect the rules of the Conservative Party of Canada on all matters related to nominations,” a Conservative Party spokesman said in a statement.

The national council did not rule on allegations that she may have improperly used her MP privileges and the party database of members’ names and addresses.

Adams’ fiancé, long-time Harper loyalist Dimitri Soudas, was forced out last month as executive director of the Conservative Party, because he violated a contractual pledge to not become personally involved in Adams’ nomination process.