OTTAWA – The Canadian Forces are in the market for pot "goggles" to show its members the effects of marijuana impairment.

According to a tender notice posted on the federal government’s "Buy and Sell" procurement website, the Department of National Defence is looking to purchase 26 marijuana simulation kits.

When the government issues notices like this, vendors can bid to win the contract to supply the government with what they’re looking for.

One of the products in the kits are marijuana impairment goggles that allow wearers to "experience first-hand, the deficits marijuana creates on the body in a similar fashion to 'Alcohol Goggles.'"

The Forces are hoping to have the goggles as soon as possible, or by April 30, 2018.

"The purpose of the marijuana simulation kits is to raise awareness of marijuana impairment, reduce risk of marijuana impairment, and promote healthy lifestyles within the Canadian Armed Forces," the online listing says.

The federal government is aiming to have marijuana legalized across Canada in July 2018.