Canada already leads America in many areas -- health care, hockey and lumberjack fashion to name a few -- so perhaps it’s not surprising that there’s a movement afoot in the U.S. urging Americans to elect Canada as their next president.

The Canada Party is a satirical initiative by comedian Brian Calvert and writer Chris Cannon, the authors of the book “America, But Better,” which is also the party’s key election slogan.

Their logo is red, white and blue, and features a beaver festooned with maple leaves, rather than stars.

And they’re not suggesting a single Canadian should be elected as the next U.S. president, but rather that the country of Canada itself should be in charge.

“Who better to lead America than a country already leading America in so many ways?’ asks Calvert in a YouTube video as a list scrolls by naming health care, human kindness, hockey, barley production, gun control and lumberjack fashion as areas where Canada is superior.

“And that’s just what our hippies have accomplished,” he adds.

WARNING: This video contains vulgar language

The party’s “campaign issues” include a plan to give free dental coverage to hockey players and a proposal to revive the U.S. economy by selling marijuana.

“Weed. Sweet, sweet weed. We will legalize it, tax it, use the profits to buy stock in Cheetos and then use the money to buy America back from China. Are we high as we write this? Yes, we are,” said Calvert, reading from the book he and Cannon co-authored.

Cannon, an American now living in Vancouver, told the BBC that he views satire as “basically speaking humour to power” and hopes to draw attention to hypocrisy within American politics and media.

Calvert, a Canadian who plays “Canada” in an online video series, said he’s committed to the campaign and plans to stick it out until the presidential election.

“We’re going right through to the end and I think the American people will shake their heads, wake up and say ‘Yes, that is our best choice,’” Calvert told BBC.