OTTAWA -- Yves Francois Blanchet says Quebec deserves more seats in Ottawa, not fewer, as proposed by Elections Canada.

The Bloc Quebecois leader says as Quebec is officially recognized as a nation, it deserves another MP in Parliament.

Blanchet says that Elections Canada's proposal to strip Quebec of a seat in a forthcoming shakeup of boundaries will reduce the power of Quebecers.

He wants a "nation clause" inserted in the law on representation to make sure Quebec's power in Parliament is protected.

A 10-year review of the number of seats in Canada -- which follows the census and factors in population changes -- will increase the number of MPs from 338 to 342.

Quebec is the only province to lose a seat in the review, moving from 78 MPs to 77.

Alberta is gaining three more seats, Ontario one and B.C. one, while other provinces and territories will keep the same number of MPs.

Blanchet says Quebec should have another seat -- not lose one -- giving Quebec 79 MPs.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 22, 2021.