Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau may lose his Gatineau, Que. home, after Scotiabank accused him and his estranged wife of skipping mortgage and loan payments.

The bank filed notice on Jan. 20, saying it will repossess Brazeau’s home in 60 days, according to documents made public on Thursday.

The bank alleges that Brazeau and his estranged wife, Sunshine Tenasco, failed to repay the balance of the mortgage’s maturity, which was due Jan. 18, and abandoned the home earlier that month.

Scotiabank also alleges that they failed to provide proof of valid home insurance, which is required under the terms of their 2008 mortgage.

The outstanding balance on the mortgage of the house is $189,778.18, and the outstanding balance on a separate loan is $11,237.54, bringing the total to $201,015.72.

Brazeau and Tenasco bought the home in October 2005 for $208,000 and co-signed a $500,000 mortgage in July 2008.

Brazeau was charged this week with breach of trust and fraud following an RCMP investigation of his Senate expenses.

Former senator Mac Harb faces the same charges.

Brazeau is alleged to have improperly claimed close to $49,000 in housing expenses, after claiming his father’s home in Maniwaki was his primary residence in order to receive an annual taxpayer-subsidized housing allowance.

Brazeau was ordered to repay that money following an audit of his expenses.

Brazeau was suspended from the Senate without pay in November, along with Pamela Wallin and Mike Duffy, whose expenses are also being investigated by the RCMP.

Brazeau was also charged with assault and sexual assault last year, following an incident at his Gatineau home.

None of the allegations against him have been tested or proven in court.