Former federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair says that Rachel Notley will not serve another term as Alberta’s NDP premier, “barring some very unforeseen circumstance.”

“It’s going to be very surprising if all of the polls are that wrong. She has put up a spirited fight. She’s delivered on some of her key promises, has disappointed on others and we’ll see whether it’s there for her on election day,” the CTV News political analyst told CTV’s Power Play on Wednesday.

But he said that the poll numbers “are so solidly” in United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney’s favour, “that barring some very unforeseen circumstance the result is pretty well pre-ordained.”

Notley’s leadership has been challenged on a number of fronts, especially during turbulent times for Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

The most recent polls conducted in early April show the UCP in the lead, followed by the NDP. The Alberta Party and the Liberal Party are trailing well behind.

Albertans head to the polls on April 16.