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'A very, very difficult odour': Senate adjourns early after foul smell in the building disrupts proceedings


The Senate adjourned early on Tuesday afternoon after a foul smell in the building caused headaches in the chamber and disrupted proceedings.

"I'm not quite sure how to approach this, but we have a very, very difficult odour in this chamber, as we have had in the entire building most of the morning," said Opposition Senate Leader Don Plett. "As an old plumber, I used to work with this odour quite a bit. As a senator, I haven't quite as often."

"I'm certainly not at this point moving the adjournment of the Senate but I would at least ask you for your opinion and maybe the opinion of other colleagues," Plett asked Senate Speaker George Furey.

Furey subsequently suspended the Senate for five minutes to allow for the leadership in the chamber to "see if they can come to any kind of an agreement with respect to what we do for the rest of the day."

"I understand a number of Senators have been complaining of headaches and other discomfitures with this odour that we can smell while we're here in the chamber. I understand it’s not just in the chamber but in other parts of the building as well," Furey said.

After the five minute suspension, Senators voted to adjourn for the day. The Senate will reconvene on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Senate told CTV News Ottawa the opening of the Rideau Locks, located just steps away from the Senate building, had caused stagnant water to circulate, leading to a sulfur smell in the area.

"The air quality is being monitored. A complete air change will be done in the building before it is occupied tomorrow," the spokesperson said.

With files from CTV News Ottawa. 




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