OTTAWA -- The federal government is in the midst of a $3-billion project to renovate the buildings on and around Parliament Hill. The project began in 2001 and won't end until almost 2030. Here's a look at the work currently underway:

West Block

The West Block building is scheduled to be ready next year, when it will house a temporary House of Commons chamber to allow the closure of the Centre Block in 2018 for a decade of badly needed repairs. The temporary chamber, being built in the courtyard of the West Block, will be covered by a glass roof. Public Services and Procurement Canada says excavation of the courtyard is now done and construction on the interim chamber is underway: the concrete floor has been installed, and workers are installing the mechanical and electrical systems on the lower levels. The masonry work is almost done and new windows are being installed.

Government Conference Centre

The old train station in downtown Ottawa, near the northern entrance to the Rideau Canal, will house a temporary Senate chamber when the Centre Block is closed in 2018. Work started last year. Workers have already installed structural footings in the concourse where the Senate chamber is to be placed. Rock excavation for a new sub-surface level is almost done. Workers are also reinforcing the roof truss spaces above the heritage plaster ceilings in the concourse, and excavating outside the building to create a new loading dock on the east side.

Wellington Building

The government bought the 89-year-old building in 1970, using it for administrative offices. The building, once ready this year, will be home to parliamentary offices and meeting spaces. Construction work on the building is almost done with workers now focused on testing the electrical, mechanical and security systems, along with bringing in furniture, network and electric cables, exterior cameras, and lighting.