WINNIPEG -- Voters head to the polls Tuesday in Manitoba. Here's a list of premiers since 1870 when Manitoba became a province:

1870-1871: Alfred Boyd (non-partisan)

1871-1872: Marc-Amable Girard (non-partisan)

1872-1874: Henry Joseph Hynes Clarke (non-partisan)

1874: Marc-Amable Girard (non-partisan)

1874-1878: Robert Atkinson Davis (non-partisan)

1878-1887: John Norquay (non-partisan)

1887-1888: David Howard Harrison (non-partisan)

1888-1900: Thomas Greenway (Liberal)

1900: Hugh John Macdonald (Conservative)

1900-1915: Rodmond Palen Roblin (Conservative)

1915-1922: Tobias Crawford Norris (Liberal)

1922-1943: John Bracken (1922 -United Farmers of Manitoba, 1927- Progressive, 1932 - Liberal-Progressive)

1943-1948: Stuart Sinclair Garson (Liberal-Progressive)

1948-1958: Douglas Lloyd Campbell (Liberal-Progressive)

1958-1967: Dufferin Roblin (Progressive Conservative)

1967-1969: Walter C. Weir (Progressive Conservative)

1969-1977: Edward Richard Schreyer (New Democratic)

1977-1981: Sterling Rufus Lyon (Progressive Conservative)

1981-1988: Howard Russell Pawley (New Democratic)

1988-1999: Gary Albert Filmon (Progressive Conservative)

1999-2009: Gary Albert Doer (New Democratic)

2009-present: Greg Selinger (New Democratic)